If ever you wanted to advise the world's sharpest students on how to get into the American Ivy-League Universities, or in any of the best of US institutions, your chance is now. If you ever felt sad seeing bright students of your city or country end up in sub-par local private colleges or universities and wanted to help them get high-quality US education on affordable terms, your opportunity is here.

Whether you run an advisory or international education; or you want your school or college to offer the most meaningful advice to your students on higher education in the US; or you are a freelance education consultant, or you want your company to get into US Admissions counseling; 'Mentors' Partnership' facilitates your access to the groundbreaking SureAdmit products, programs, knowledge and expertise in US Admissions counseling helping you start-off fast and sure on manageable budgets.

The SureAdmit Franchise/ Partnership

As a Mentors' partner in your geography, you become a licensed SureAdmit Franchise -owner, or an Authorized SureAdmit Advisor. As a SureAdmit Franchise licensee, you establish your US Admissions Advisory Services Unit, branded as SureAdmit in your city.

If you already have an existing consulting firm, it is much better since you just have to add the SureAdmit business in your folio, and display SureAdmit branding and signage as we may prescribe. Once the partnering documentation is complete, your SureAdmit franchise license permits you to start SureAdmit business in your facility on standards, processes and knowledge shared by Mentors Education Services Pvt Ltd.

Your business unit gets to market and sell high-value foreign admissions and scholarship products and services to customers for undergraduate, Master's, MBA and PhD programs. You register applicants for these various SureAdmit admission facilitation and counseling products and services; make their case- files and transfer them to Mentors for processing, solution development and delivery with Mentors taking the final responsibility of admissions application works, for the registered applicants. If you are a freelance consultant or coach or test- preparation expert, you can enjoy the SureAdmit partnership advantage by becoming an Authorized SureAdmit Advisor.

Who can apply for a SureAdmit Franchise/ Partnership

Partnership applications are currently being accepted from entrepreneurs/consultants/ institutions in the following clusters:

  • Cluster 1: Foreign Admission counseling firms.
  • Cluster 2: Test-Preparation and Training Service providers.
  • Cluster 3: Government and private High Schools.
  • Cluster 4: Student Services departments of Colleges and Universities.
  • Cluster 5: Existing entrepreneurs/ business owners who desire to diversify into Admission Counseling.
  • Cluster 6: Individuals desiring to start a new business.
  • Cluster 7: Freelance foreign admissions advisors; and GMAT/GRE/SAT/ACT/TOEFL/IELTS/PTE trainers.

What do SureAdmit Partners Get?

All Mentors' partners get to enjoy the following:

  • A tried and tested business model
  • Complete immersion and training in the US admissions process and counseling techniques
  • Assistance in business planning
  • Strategy and branding assistance
  • Opportunity to interface and build relationships with high net-worth, influential clients
  • A fillip and push to their existing business/ professional brand

For more information, write to us at [email protected]