We are Masters in Undergraduate Admissions!

"Is American Education only for the rich?"
"Should only the best students dream of American Education?"
"I am a financially poor student from a developing country. Can I study engineering from MIT?"
"I am a high-schooler from a modest-income family and I am looking for university admissions. Is America a place for me?"
"I am already in my first year of Bachelor’s coursework at a local university, but am not happy because I think I deserve a much better education. Is American Education possible for me?"

Through the last 17 years and more, we have busted some of these irritating myths about American education. By helping even average students get admitted in high ranked universities in America.

This is just to assure you that we have become well-researched and experienced enough over the years to get you closer to your dreams. That is also to egg you on and to make you believe that we can really make it possible for you to study in America at very affordable cost. If you are just out of school or college aspiring for quality higher education overseas, this is the right time to think of America as your education destination. There are many colleges and universities in the United States that are exploding with perhaps the most promising of opportunities and advantages for you. Just do not settle down for any local college or university in your city or country. You deserve better. We sure know how to make studying in US an affordable proposition for you!

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We Ensure Highest Returns on your Investments

We say this because we have been assisting many international students from around the world get into US institutions for decades.

We have designed the SureAdmit admission facilitation services to ensure the highest returns on investments of your and your parents’ time and money. We are known for our highly passionate and personalised attention that we vest in every one of our applicant-clients. This essentially means that once you sign up with us, we design a tailor made admission solutions that align to your aspirations, expectations, merit, and to your very special needs of intellectual growth, learning, and even your financial needs.

We Design Solutions that Help You Study at Your Pace

What makes us special is also the fact that when we design admission strategies for you, we build in one more interesting value – Flexibility.

If you are truly an enterprising, passionate and advanced learner, we can actually get you into institutions that offer you the latitude to not only begin with an undecided major and then allow you to custom-design your own major later, but also give you the freedom to pace up or down your education! If you think you are one such special applicant, well then we will pull out just the right institution for you from around 1,000 Universities we know will suit you! That is how we will ensure that you study in a place where you can complete a four year Bachelor’s program in even three years flat. Or, just join a five-year Co-Operative program and learn while you earn full-time ! SureAdmit is hard to beat when it comes to helping you make best use of wonderful facilities that the American system offers!

We Offer the Option of Choosing the Widest Range of Institutions and subject specializations.

You will be amazed at the sheer breadth of options available for you in the United States! We can help you get into colleges and universities that are all accredited, funded, and known for their quality for decades.

Even the most exotic of majors/specializations is available in US. You may want to major in Photography and Physics at the same time? Well, it is certainly possible! In fact, US Universities cover more than 500 subject specializations across 37 disciplines leading to a breathtaking range of 25 career options, right from Arts and Animation, to Biomedical Engineering, to Nanotechnology. And we actually specialize in admission work for the Ivy-League and the other top ranked universities. That is exactly why we are way different from your friendly neighbourhood admission counselors who generally offer you no more than a handful of options.

We are Visionary and Insightful about Your Education

There are popular places about which everyone knows, and then there are those highly niche, very special places about which only the connoisseurs know.

Very humbly, we belong to the later category. And that is why when you sign up with SureAdmit, we design the Total Solution for your undergraduate or Bachelor's education overseas. Indeed, USA is not only about Harvard, Stanford and MIT. There are thousands of other institutions that offer the highest-quality education regulated through several sets of stringent State and Federal regulations and quality standards. So, we know what we are doing for you. Be rest assured!

We Are Very Careful About Your Money Too!

Facilitation of scholarships and financial aid is a key SureAdmit expertise.

As you can read more in another section dedicated to scholarship on this website, we are among one of the most successful consultants when it comes to making the American Financial Aid system deliver results for you for your undergraduate education. We leave absolutely no stone unturned to get you every dollar of need-based aid or merit-based scholarships that is possible in a university where you deserve to go to study for next four years.

In the words of University of Florida Admissions Office:

“Admissions is more art than science.

The admissions process is designed to consider all aspects of an applicant's academic record and personal experiences, and is not intended to admit applicants solely on the basis of grade point averages and test scores.”

Just how do we make things happen through SureAdmit!

During a workday, we encounter umpteen questions---how to get admissions in a top US university, how to get financial aid in an US institution; how to get admissions and scholarships in US despite being an average student. The one answer we have eventually developed is simply telling our lovely, aspiring undergrad students our methods and strategy—how SureAdmit does it! We have perfected it over decades, returning excellent results. This perhaps should help unravel the US system best.

So how does SureAdmit deliver? The cat in the bag is special, and complex and we have nurtured it over years of practice. Our high rate of success is entirely driven by our personalised approach. For every single undergraduate applicant, our admissions strategy is completely personalised - and we build this strategy using our SPHERE concept-model. SPHERE, in turn works on a very special theory we have empirically tested over the years. We call this our 8-14 theory, which says that undergraduate admission success in US institutions hinges on 8 academic factors, and 14 non-academic factors.

Our SPHERE strategy involves building detailed, personalised, confidential profiles of SureAdmit undergraduate applicants by evaluating them across these 22 academic and non academic factors. A typical SPHERE Profile is our master guide for all the next steps - from choosing Colleges/Universities by matching the university priority-factors with applicant’s strengths. Then, of course, there is a host of other very special processes and methods we adopt to arrive at highly objective scores on three of our very unique worthiness parameters - Admission Worthiness; Scholarship Worthiness; and Financial Aid Worthiness - factoring in both, quantifiable and non-quantifiable factors.

All of this, just to ensure and share with you our completely objective approach that we adopt in designing and executing the strategy we finalize for you. For more discussions on this, you may email to us at [email protected]

The Massive SureAdmit Database and the Big Data Magic!

Yes, you read right! We probably have the world's largest organic database on US admissions policies, facts, practices and records. Our own robust analytics systems help us make sense out of humongous data spewing forth every day in the US admissions space. We use these insights in arriving at the optimal strategies and plans for making admissions and scholarships and financial aid possible for our applicant-clients.

For instance, we use Undergraduate acceptance rate matrix—one of those myriads of matrices that we use in admission planning. What needs to be noted is the depth at which we tab these acceptance rates, and that is why what you see in this matrix is not just one common acceptance rate but separate acceptance rates for male applicants, for female applicants, and even for international applicants. These are the numbers we share after factual verification and empirical validation checks.

Create your Smartlist

SmartLIST uses its proprietary PowerSort database engine to customize an optimal combination of university probable for you – your very own Smart List, which has considered your unique requirements, constraints and aspirations while listing down the institution choices for you.

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