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SureAdmit is among the most powerful US Admissions counseling program introduced by Mentors.Mentors Education Services Pvt Ltd is one of India’s oldest Admissions consultancy company with over 17 years of accomplished experience in US Admissions Counseling. Mentors operates on a state-of- the art database of nearly 4,000 US Colleges, Universities.

Our expertise in admission counseling has been sought by hundreds of international students from United States, Great Britain, China, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. The company has offices in Indiaand has a growing network of partner-consultants across continents. Mentors' unrivalled strength is its insightful understanding and knowledge-base on education systems and admissions practices of universities in the United States. The company specialises in creating admissions and scholarships solutions based on the unique merit, need and circumstances of applicants. Mentors' clients have enrolled in campuses as elite as Princeton, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Michigan, UC Berkeley and many others.

Mentors’ most prominent competence is in assisting applicants obtain Scholarship and Financial Assistance. Mentors is also renowned for its strategically rigorous and systematically smart application preparation and write-up assistance, and we particularly specialize in helping applicants write powerful statements and essays.

At Mentors, we blast the myths about US admissions and the Ivy-League. And we make you stand out as an applicant by the sheer dint of the strategy and approach we adopt to project your candidacy for admissions at top schools. Whether you are thinking of Undergraduate, Master's, MBA or Ph.D. Welcome to enhanced possibilities.

The Trust We Inspire…

When it comes to higher education in top American Universities , there is no way you can take chances.Neither with the quality of the institution you apply in, nor the program or the courses you want to join.

  • Because, we have been there for about 17 years now.With over 3,500 admissions;
  • Because, we are the scholarship experts. We have assisted our clients get over USD 10 million worth of scholarships in the last 17 years.
  • Because we cover all accredited US institutions –4,000+ - including the Ivy League and the top Universities as well as best Business Schools across the world.
  • Because, when we advise, we choose institutions and programs that are cut out for you, and not those, where you will either never get in or you will never like or thrive in.
  • Because we specialize in getting you in the best of universities you deserve. We are the only consultants around who can tactically help you overcome the disadvantages of lack of low academics, test scores, and profile in your application.

Unbeatable Expertise That Shows…

Rich with the experience of handling nearly 3,500 admission projects, we have clocked a phenomenal success rate of nearly 80%! Our expertise, knowledge base and systems have matured through these 17 years of understanding what works and what not.SureAdmit staff and consultants are well qualified and thoroughly trained. Several Professors, Career Counseling Professionals and other experts are included in our Resource People Network, which is continuously expanding. We also have active relationships with top Travel Managers and Event Marketers.