Whether you are out of college, aspiring to do a Master’s or PhD and become a computer engineer or a biologist, or are looking for an undergraduate degree in business or science or literature after completing your secondary schooling, we make admissions possible in just the kind of American institutions you deserve.

That is a cool 2,500+ institutions cutting across 500+ majors. And the best part: we do not just counsel, advise and preach. We do and get done for you, things that you need to, make admissions and financial aid to happen to you. That means paperwork; essay-advise; application-filling; Scholarship application work and even building Financial Aid worthy Profile. Just check out the following links to understand how we can help you realize your dream to study in the United States.

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    Bachelor’s Admissions

    Make your dream come true of studying your Bachelor’s/ Undergraduate degree from the United States – and most possibly, on scholarship! We’ll pick the ones best for you from among 2500+ accredited institutions, including the most renowned universities you may have heard of, and those highly respected colleges you may have never, but which the whole of US swears by!

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    We leverage insightfully our 17 years of experience in handling thousands of Graduate/ Master’s admissions in 400+ institutions across as many as 190 subject-specializations - including Humanities, pure Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Management, Health Sciences and Biomedical Sciences among others. And the best part is: we actually also facilitate financial aid too, for all applicants!

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    MBA/ B-School Admissions

    MBA admissions in US business schools are no child’s play. But we guess, there is a way you need to do things. And few know this better than us-after hundreds of B-school admissions in the last 17 years. So, if you desire picking up that great business degree, you can trust us. We have lined up 680+ AACSB accredited B-Schools for you. With around 30 different business majors!

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    PhD/ Doctorate Admissions

    Want to go for PhD studies in the US? There are more than 1,600 Graduate Programs covering more than 100 Specializations are offered at more than 400 US Universities. Covering Engineering, Liberal Arts, Pure Sciences, Social Sciences, and numerous other exotic interdisciplinary subject-majors. And every single one of them, we know about enough to help you the way only we can!