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US Education figures among the top-two most popular dreams of around 65% of undergrad and grad students from Asia, Africa and Latin America. There is a strong demand for worldclass counseling and consulting services. Partnering the SureAdmit global program opens the surest, fastest mode of entering this industry!

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Partnership applications are currently being accepted from entrepreneurs/consultants/ institutions


  • Step 1: Submit this Partnering Interest Form (PIF)
  • Step 2: We email you a Partner Application Pack (PAP) (within 24 hours of receiving your PIF)
  • Step 3: You fill out and return the RFI included in the PAP
  • Step 4: We start the Partnering Documentation formalities (within 48 hours of receiving your PAP)
  • Step 5: You send us a copy of the signed Partner Agreement and complete other formalities
  • Step 6: We release a relevant SureAdmit Partner License (within 48 hours of your completing all the formalities and sending the signed Contract-Agreement)
  • Step 7: We commence your training and orientation to the SureAdmit business using a combination of online and telephonic modes. In case it is possible, we can organize an onsite orientation program, but it is not really necessary.
  • Step 8: We share branding artworks and guidelines for you to execute and prepare your office and facility for SureAdmit operations
  • Step 9: We discuss and finalize business and marketing strategies and programs
  • Step 10: You share photographs and videos of your facility after the branding is complete
  • Step 11: We release the business kickoff permission for you
  • Step 12: You kick off business operations