Don’t Just Settle for Anywhere

Getting admission in just any foreign institution in just any program hardly requires much effort.

You just have to contact those myriad institutions and their agents, fill up a simple application form and it gets done! That is because there is no special consideration for your unique strengths, constraints and choices as an academic and whatever comes your way in the name of foreign education gets lapped up. That is also because you did not have a way to know what is really good for you and whether you are operating on the latest sets of information. It is pretty much like trying to find your way in a crowded city today with a map which is twenty years old!

Get Admissions & Scholarships Where Your Deserve.

However, if the idea is to do the right program in just the right institution while smartly managing the cost of education, it does require some special efforts, a great lot of information and statistics on policies and admissions histories of institutions; and indeed, an extremely clear view of what exactly you want to use your foreign education for. This in turn, demands a lot of time from you because you will need to research facts, dig up information. And perhaps even then you will never be sure of the accuracy of whatever you have found out.

17+ years of Accomplished Experience.

That is exactly where the 17 years we have put in building a rich roster of achievements begin mattering most for you.

That is where Mentors should enter into your scheme of things. Right from helping you craft an intelligent career and education plan, to selecting just the right universities to apply to, to actively helping you prepare a perfect application including essays, recommendations etc., we actually handhold you through the entire admissions cycle. The advantages: you make a great, clutter-busting application, fastest, on time and most importantly, with an assurance that you enjoy the best chances of getting your kind of education on your terms.

World’s Richest Knowledge-Base and Unmatched Advisory Capabilities

SureAdmit™ leverages Mentors' most advanced database on 4,000+ international institutions – among the richest in the world.

Add to this a smart slew of state-of-the-art systems and models designed to carefully handle each of seven mission-critical stages of a typical international admissions project - beginning from designing the education plan and application strategy, down to getting a perfect application made and preparing you for your visa interviews.

Application Strategy & Institution Selection

Choosing institutions where to apply is undoubtedly the first and the most critical decision you will ever take if you are considering US.

There is a complex combination of parameters like programs, courses, financial aid availability, acceptance rates, etc. that together make choosing where to apply a far more challenging proposition than it may appear in the first instance.

SureAdmit™ deploys its proprietary PowerSort system to create an application strategy that most fits your needs, interest, aspirations and merit. We customize an optimal mix of universities and institutions you should apply in for best admissions results. That is your own SmartList! PowerSort blends technology and empirical insights in a powerful way to create what is among the world’s most intuitive admissions strategy design system - a result of over 17 years of Mentors’ practical experiences in advising on admissions and scholarship for US Universities.

Documentation & Paperwork.

If you have ever tried applying to a US university, you will know how cumbersome it gets filling out the form and arranging for documents.

The biggest challenge is to know what is right and strategic to mention, because in many forms and documents required by universities, it is absolutely critical to be RIGHT the very first time as you will probably not get a second chance to change the details you have mentioned. .

Our smart documentation capabilities are configured to help you conveniently, correctly, smartly and rapidly make what will be a perfect, compelling Application when it lands on the desks of admissions authorities. We advise you on how to think about facts to write in the form and what documentation to prepare to make a strong application. Further, we even arrange for the right document formats and templates and also assist in getting your academic transcripts prepared, which may need conversion of percentage marks into GPAs in university-specific formats. Our smart database of nearly 4,000 US institutions helps us rapidly share just the best templates for documentation required for submission during the application process.

Smart Write

Indeed, if there is anything that can really make or mar your chances of getting into a great institution; rest assured it is what you have WRITTEN in your application.

Since it is a sheaf of papers that is landing on the Admission Officer’s desk and not you; your Essays, Letters of Recommendations, Small write-ups, Statement of Purpose, and Resume etc., have to do the talking and impressing for you. Please do note that nowadays, most universities have their own smart systems to detect whether you have got your stuff ghost-written. That makes your problem ever stickier at times.

Mentors’ SmartWRITE is a write-up assistance service which helps applicants write just the apt stuff. SmartWRITE uses an insightful technique called PRISM to completely map out the applicant’s profile including even the smallest of details. Using the PRISM report, an applicant is guided on the right strategy and structure of any write-up assignment and as a result, the applicant ends up honestly writing what is exactly needed and expected.