How to Get Scholarships in US Universities?

Can an average student afford American Education? Won’t studying in the US be too expensive for students from developing countries? How can we get a US institution to award maximum financial aid to me? How can I get scholarships and financial aid in a top US institution? How can I compete successfully for a scholarship award in a US College or university that offers financial aid and merit scholarships to international students?

SureAdmit Makes Scholarship More Possible

When you sign up with SureAdmit, we answer these questions - and all of the other ones too - by doing three things. One, we maximize your chances for landing scholarships and financial aid at those institutions that have a clear financial aid policy and where you are eligible and competent for admission and scholarships.

Two, we create possibilities for need-based financial aid using our deep understanding of the system and the 'unstated' practices that almost all universities follow! And three, we design an education-financing strategy for you to keep your costs down and affordable through your education years, assisting you get new opportunities as you move along your semesters and terms.

In the absolute sense, education in US indeed becomes a financial bother, especially for International students. But there is a very strong case for looking at another emerging reality. A SureAdmit research concludes that the costs of good quality education have actually risen internationally at almost 30% CAGR over the past five years. This is way higher than the cost rise in the US! Many institutions in European, Asian, African, Pacific and Latin American countries with little or no renown and often dubious credentials will have their cost of education almost matching to a known and respected US college or university! The choice should not be difficult to make.

We ‘Create’ Innovative Funding Options

This is where one-and-a-half decade of Mentors’ international admissions counseling experience has given the cutting knowledge and strategy edge to SureAdmit. Our exhaustive empirical understanding of the cost structures and financial assistance policies and practices of American colleges and universities have helped us evolve highly effective programs and strategies, which we deploy in generating financial aid opportunities for both US and international students who are looking for studying in United States.

For instance, we often design strategies for most undergraduate admission-applicants, optimally blending possibilities of need-based financial assistance and merit-based scholarships. Similarly, for graduate (Masters' or PhD) programs, we plunge headlong into making merit-based scholarships possible for you.

It Begins with the SureAdmit Strategy…

Since admissions in international institutions do hinge on how much you can afford to pay at Bachelor's level, it really matters that you neither quote too high to risk a chance of admission rejection, nor too low to under utilize the financial aid opportunity available. That is exactly why it is extremely critical to not only strike a right note about the amount you quote on Financial Aid Forms that you can afford; it is equally necessary to use the right blend of assets and income sources to make your case strong.

We use several proven methods and approaches to help you declare your financial situation in a manner that makes it easy and compelling for Financial Aid committees to look at your case favorably without impacting admissions chances in institutions that are not need-blind in their admissions policy. Similarly, we use our long-proven approaches to help you build an Scholarship Worthy Profile (SWP) that will attract Fellowships, Graduate Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships, and Research Assistantships to you for your MS, MBA and PhD course work in USA.

With SureAdmit, you maximize your odds for getting the maximum financial aid possible in a US institution. The same knowledge base; experience, strategies, approaches and research work for you is available that has helped our client-applicants get more than USD 20 million dollars of financial assistance in the last 17 years.