We Are Leaders in MBA Admissions!

"Can an International student really get admission in top Business Schools?"
"Is a GMAT 700+ an absolute must to get into a Wharton or a Stanford?"
“Can I join a great US B-School right after my undergraduate/ Bachelor’s degree?”
"I am from a poor student from a developing country. Can I study Business Management from Stanford?
"How good is an MS in Business an option to make a career in management?
"I want to prepare for managing my own family business. Will any good B-school will do for me, or is it just the Harvards and the Whartons?

We have helped realize dreams of hundreds of bright talents to study at top Business Schools world wide in the last 17 years from as many as 18 different countries! By helping absolutely average or a little above average students admit in US business schools, we have busted some of these most irritating myths about American MBA.

But perhaps, our biggest achievement has been making our applicant-clients comprehend the real differences between the top and the rest of the good business schools in the United States, Canada and elsewhere, and making them take decisions that fetched them the greatest ROI – without sacrificing even a farthing on the quality of education, exposure or self-development opportunities. That is just to assure you that we have become well-built and experienced enough over the years to get you closer to your dreams.

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We Ensure the Best Paybacks!

That is also to egg you on, and to make you believe that we can really make it possible for you to study at top B-Schools worldwide.

You may be anywhere in the world even as you read this, there are many Business Schools in the United States and elsewhere that are exploding with perhaps the most promising of opportunities and advantages for you. Do not just settle down for any local Business School in your city or country just because the better ones in your country just do not have enough seats. And we sure know how to make studying for MBA program an affordable proposition for you too!

As a consultant company we are here to make this extremely challenging and complex selection process less strenuous and more effective. Based on our decades of experience in handling admission cases for almost all top Business Schools including the top ones like Wharton, INSEAD, Harvard, Kellogg, ISB, IMD, Queens and many others, we can help you craft a strategic plan to improve your admission and scholarship chances at the top B-School of your choice.

We are known for our highly passionate and personalize attention that we vest in every one of our applicant-clients. We have designed the SureAdmit admission facilitation services to ensure the highest returns on investments of your time and money. This essentially means that once you sign up with us, we will design the admission solutions that align exactly to your aspirations, expectations, merit, and to your very special needs of intellectual growth, learning and indeed, even finance.

We Offer the Widest Range of Institutions and Majors

You will be amazed at the sheer breadth of business education options that we offer you in the United States and elsewhere! Whatever may be your undergraduate major or your professional interests, we have got just the right choices of both B-Schools, and domain-focussed business majors aligned to your career interests. Today, we must be among the world’s very few admission consultants with such an exhaustive knowledge base and probably the richest list of accomplishments – spanning more than 680 AACSB accredited B-Schools in 50 countries sweeping across almost 30 major business/ management disciplines including:

  • Accounting
  • Behavioral Organization
  • Business Analytics / Data Analytics
  • Business Communications
  • Business Education
  • Business Ethics including Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Law/Legal Environment
  • Computer Information
  • Systems/Management Information Systems
  • Decision Science, E-Business Including E-commerce
  • Economics/Managerial Economics
  • Entrepreneurship/ Small Business Administration
  • Finance including Banking
  • General Business
  • Health Services / Hospital Administration
  • Hotel/ Restaurant/ Tourism Management
  • Human Resources Management including Personal & Industrial/Labor Relations
  • Insurance
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations Research
  • Production/Operations Management
  • Public Administration
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Real Estate
  • Statistics
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain/ Transport/ Logistics
  • Taxation

This all essentially means that we deliver MBA admission solutions for you that propel you ahead in your life and career – whether it is through a top-notch B-School, or through a niche B-School which is reputed for breeding professional leaders and entrepreneurs in specific industries or functional expertise areas. And that is exactly why we believe we are way different from your friendly neighborhood admission counselors who maybe just be able to offer you a handful of options – not being aware that an MBA is not an end in itself for you.

Delivering the Biggest Bang for Your Buck!

What makes us special and successful is the fact that when we design admission strategies exactly cut out for you – there is no one-size-fits-all at SureAdmit.

Hence, while our proprietary SmartList engine crunches big data on the reputation and rankings of Business Schools published by The Economist, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Financial Times, US News, and The Princeton Review, we punch in information about your very unique candidacy, interests, choices and constraints to arrive at the final Admission Strategy for you. And that is just one of the many things we do for your application strategy!

We Work 360 Degrees…

After helping more than 600 applicants get into the B-Schools in the past decade and a half, we now sure understand quite well how B-School admissions are such a complex affair.

That is why our strategy and admissions facilitation program for you includes focusing on just about everything – your GMAT Score; your work experience; your professional recommendation letter providers profile, application essays and even, personal Interviews. That is the reason why we neither exult at seeing GMAT scores of 700+ nor sulk at scores of 600! We know very well that there is much more to a successful B-School admission than just a GMAT or a GRE.

And that is how SureAdmit sets up the admission project agenda for you, which includes helping you build everything that projects you as a compelling applicant. We advise your referees and recommenders on factors to highlight about you; we help you arrive at what would be the best CV for you; we hammer hard on the minutest details of the application essays you have to write.

God is in the Details…

Few understand more than we do. The fact that if there is anything that can really make or mar your chances of getting into B-School; it is what you have WRITTEN in your application essays.

Since it is not you but a sheaf of papers that is landing on the Admission Officer’s desk; your Essays, small write-ups, Statement of Purpose, and Resume etc., have to do the talking and impressing for you. Please DO note that nowadays most universities have their own smart systems to whther you have plagiarised or got your stuff ghost-written. We know how that can get things sticky, and hence, how to do things ethically, yet, smartly.

It is the Money…

MBA program does not come cheap! So unless you have access to an abundant source of funds amounting to anywhere between US $ 100,000 and US $ 180,000 to cover full cost of study, you will be very hard pressed to finance your MBA Program.

SureAdmit financial aid facilitation expertise comes into play here. We design smart strategies to help you successfully tap all possible sources of finances - B-School co-signed Educational Loan; Bank Loans in your home country; Scholarships; Teaching Assistantships; Research Assistantships and Fellowships – just about everything that can get you money!

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SmartLIST uses its proprietary PowerSort database engine to customize an optimal combination of university probable for you – your very own Smart List, which has considered your unique requirements, constraints and aspirations while listing down the institution choices for you.

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