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We have helped realize dreams of 60 bright talents to study at top American Universities in the last 17 years from as many as 23 different countries! Today, we must be among the world’s very few admission consultants with such an exhaustive knowledge base and probably the richest list of accomplishments – spanning more than 400+ research universities in United States sweeping across almost 100 major research disciplines.

We are Leaders in University Admissions in US!

At SureAdmit, we deliver PhD admission solutions for you that propel you ahead in your life and career – whether it is through a top-notch University, or through a niche university that is an expert in breeding professional leaders and entrepreneurs in specific industries or functional expertise areas. And that is exactly why we believe we are way different from your friendly neighborhood admission counselors who maybe just offer you a handful of options – not realizing that PhD is not an end in itself for you.

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We Create the Ideal PhD Admission Solution for You

At SureAdmit, our groundbreaking methodologies, gigantic database and an unbeatable wealth of experience together give us the confidence that if you think you are really good enough for PhD, then we can certainly take the best shot for you that anyone could possibly take.

We Understand the True Purpose of Your PHD Aspiration

In addition to options involving popular and visible universities, we also consider those highly niche, very special places about which only the experts know. And this is where we really specialize. And that is why when you sign up with SureAdmit, what you get is the Total Optimal Solution for your PhD education, and never just few lame duck options in some non-descript universities. Our biggest achievement has been making our applicant-clients comprehend the real differences between the top and the rest of the good universities in the United States, and making them take decisions that fetched them the greatest ROI – without sacrificing even a farthing on the quality of education, exposure or self-development opportunities.